Buy Ilmed type of cooling towers from the Pentasol Hungary Kft.


With 20 years of professional experience, the right supplier background and qualified colleagues, we undertake the complete management of the following types of cooling tower projects:


Compared to built cooling towers, by installing pre-assembled cooling towers, our partners save a lot of time during planning and construction activities, which obviously also reduce the total cost. Cleaning, maintenance and replacement of pre-assembled cooling towers is extremely fast. The capacity of these cooling towers can be easily expanded if necessary.


Ilmed Impianti’s built on-site cooling towers are an ideal solution for long-term investments and medium/large applications. They can be made with both induced and forced draft. The structure of the cooling tower is mainly made of concrete, steel or FRP made by pultrusion process. These types of cooling towers are particularly recommended for polluted water treatment in extreme environments.


Modular cooling towers manufactured by Ilmed Impianti consist of two or more separate cooling modules and fan sections: this feature makes them ideal for medium-sized applications. Later on, their capacity can simply be expanded further.



Hybrid cooling is a combination of dry and wet cooling. Compared to traditional evaporative cooling equipment, water consumption is significantly lower.


How are cooling towers sold and installed at our company?

  • Specification based on individual needs, in consultation with the partner
  • Mechanical engineering and design
  • Shipping
  • Complete implementation, dismantling of the old system if necessary
  • Operation, supervision and maintenance, as required


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